5 Importance of Technology in the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is a highly competitive one and technology has a big role to play in this. It helps to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

It also allows hotel staff to interact with guests more effectively and send them personalized offers and promotions. It has a direct impact on guest experience and keeps them coming back for more.

1. Automated Check-In/Check-Out

Automated check-in/check-out technology helps hotels to increase employee productivity, reduce long lines and waiting times at the front desk, and provide guests with a more convenient and hassle-free arrival experience.

Hotel staff can also free up their time for more meaningful interactions with guests during their stay. This can include giving advice to a guest as they are checking in, resolving an urgent issue or simply taking the time to chat and build rapport.

NEC’s Smart Check-In for Hospitality solution is a self-service kiosk application that walks a guest through pre-registration, verifying identity through facial recognition or customized QR code and Government issued ID authentication, pulling up their reservation information, adding on additional hotel services, adding a payment option, receiving a room assignment and printing out a room key.

2. Smart Rooms

One of the most important technology trends in the hotel industry is smart rooms. They offer a whole range of benefits for both guests and owners.

In a smart hotel room, all aspects of the guest’s stay can be tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This includes the temperature, television and lighting system.

Guests can also control their entertainment through voice commands, such as Alexa or Google Home. This creates a more personalized experience, which will result in increased loyalty and repeat business.

Smart room technology also improves energy efficiency, which is a key area for hotel owners to consider. This can save them money and show their guests they’re eco-friendly.

3. Smart Marketing

The influence of technology on the hotel industry has significantly improved processes and guest experiences. In this new digital era, hoteliers are exploiting smart hotel technologies to entice new customers, improve customer experience, promote sustainability, and reduce operational costs.

In order to make a success of this new business model, hotels must ensure they provide their guests with a memorable stay. Smart hotel solutions can help them achieve this by delivering a personalized service that helps boost their brand reputation and increase revenue generation.

To get the most out of your smart hotel, it’s important to implement a smart marketing strategy that targets the right audience. This will ensure you are targeting customers who have high digital needs and who are genuinely interested in what your hotel has to offer.

4. Virtual Reality Tours

Guests love to be able to see what a hotel room looks like, and virtual tours are a great way to give them that experience. Most are filmed from a first-person perspective and offer a 360-degree view, giving visitors an eye-level perspective on the lobby and different room types.

Using interactive, photo-realistic 3D tech, hotels can show off their space in ways that have never been possible before. This can be a great way to encourage potential customers to book a stay at your property.

5. Connectivity in Rooms

There are a number of ways hotels can help guests stay connected during their stay. These include WiFi, which allows them to check their email, work, play games and more.

There’s also smart technology that helps guests adjust their room’s temperature, control the lighting, order room service and more. This can be a great way to make their stay more convenient and add a sense of luxury to their trip.

Another technology that’s becoming popular in hotels is mobile phones, allowing guests to check in, unlock their room and order room service. This is a relatively inexpensive way to improve guest experience and ensure the hotel is accessible by guests anytime, anywhere.

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